Tips for Passing Microsoft Certification Exam 70-484: Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps

You have been think for a while to take Microsoft certification so you can get your MCSD. Here are some tips that will help you in your way to passing exam 70-484 certification.

A. Find studying material

There are many sources of information. to know what you need to study go to the Microsoft Learning site. Here you will find information on pricing, and mostly what skills are measured.

Find a good book that will help you study the material. In this case I recommend Exam Ref 70-484: Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps using C# that you can by from amazon. This book is well written and include 77 questions that you can use to test how prepared you are to write the exam. The questions in this book are written in a way that trains you to think logical. How to eliminate answers that are irrelevant.

If you are the kind of person that like instructor led training then I recommend the study material at Microsoft virtual academy. Spend time going thru the course Windows Store App Development Essentials with C# Refresh. You will find the course very interesting. Go thru the course as many times as you require to master the information given.

The Exam 70-484 has been refreshed and new materials have been added that is not in the book mentioned above. This supplemental information can be found on the Microsoft web site: Windows 8.1: New APIs and features for developers. I especially like the section on controls. They give a good summary and code snippets that go straight to the point. If you can’t read everything at least ready the section on controls.

B. Write some code.

There is not better teaching than writing software, it makes the information that you have read real. So get you laptop out and write some code to test your knowledge. This exercise will make you answer the question

what were they thinking when they added this feature to windows?.

If you can answer that question you can answer most of the questions on the test.

C. Test, Test, Test

As you go thru the study material make a collection of questions to test yourself. Look at the type of questions that are in the book mentioned above, than write additional ones to test yourself. Test yourself until you can pass more than 80 percent of the questions. Yes I know that the passing mark for the exam is 700, which is close to 70 percent, but better safe than sorry.

D. Be confident

You are now ready, be confident, do not 2nd guess yourself, be patient and methodical. Take an appointment you have done all you know how to do. Go get them.


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