History of Baseke

The name Baseke came about from the creative mind of Mr Valentin Baseke

When Mr Valentin colleagues could not pronounce his name (Basakay), he found it easy to change and shorten it to Baseke

Les Basekes

Valentin Baseke and family

The “e” in the name is pronounced “a”.

Le nom Baseke trouve son origine dans la pensee creative de Monsieur Valentin Baseke.

Monsieur Valentin trouvant son nom (Basakay) difficile a prononce pour ces collegues, le changea en Baseke.

Pour les francophones le “s” ne se prononce pas “z” mais pluto “ss”, et pour les anglophones le “e” ne se prononce pas “e” mais pluto “a”.

Mwadi Baseke and family

Mwadi Baseke and family